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Camp Roselake has been the center of several mysterious disappearances over the past thirty years. Finally succumbing to public pressure, the state authorities shut down the campground for good. One night, a year after its closure, former camp director Wade and local mechanic Steven trespass onto Camp Roselake's grounds for a weekend of hunting and relaxation.

However, Wade has a darker purpose for Steven. Sitting around the campfire on their first night, Wade pulls out a book with a strange symbol on its cover-the Sorcerer's Mark.

When Wade reveals that the magical book holds answers to Camp Roselake's disappearances, Steven demands the book be surrendered to the authorities. When Wade refuses, Steven senses trouble and tries to leave. But Wade convinces Steven it is in his best interest to stick around or else...

In The Sorcerer's Realm, readers will experience the telling of two magical tales, The Sorcerer's Cabin & The Sorcerer's Ride.

In The Sorcerer's Cabin, a young couple, Chris & Hani, decide to enter Camp Roselake despite the recent disappearances of teenage couples just like them. This decision produces the unexpected outcome of spending their entire life learning the world of magic to stop an evil sorcerer and his vile plans.

In The Sorcerer's Ride, Scott is asked to go on a seemingly ordinary mission to estimate a price on a motorcycle for an estate auction. When Scott test drives the mystical motorcycle, it sprouts wings and flies...straight into the clutches of its evil owner. Expecting the worst, Scott finds he has family ties inside the world of magic.

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